Plan a Usability Test with Notion (Template by UXArmy)

Usability testing is a vital step in ensuring a seamless user experience for your digital products. To streamline your usability test planning process, UXArmy provides a comprehensive template within Notion. Let’s explore how you can make the most of this powerful tool to orchestrate a successful usability test.

Setting the Stage

Before diving into usability test planning, make sure you have essential project details at your fingertips, such as the project title, start and target end dates, and a list of project members along with their roles and contact information.

Defining Objectives

One of the first steps in planning your usability test is to establish clear objectives. What are you aiming to achieve, and what insights do you hope to gain from the test? You can find sample objectives in the provided template to help shape your goals effectively.

Selecting the Right Methodology

Your choice of usability testing methodology can significantly impact the test’s outcomes. The template offers two commonly used methodologies:

Moderated Usability Testing: Participants interact with the product while a moderator observes and asks questions. This approach provides real-time feedback and can be conducted in-person or remotely.

Unmoderated Usability Testing: Participants independently perform tasks and provide feedback using pre-recorded test scenarios. While it offers scalability, it lacks real-time interaction.

For each methodology, the template provides descriptions, sample goals and tasks, required materials, enhanced metrics to measure, and important notes to consider during the testing process.

Participant Criteria

Recruiting the right participants is crucial for obtaining valuable insights. The template helps you define participant criteria, including demographics (such as age, location, educational background, and gender) and research-specific criteria (like software proficiency and technology adoption).

Crafting a Project Timeline

Effective project management relies on a well-structured timeline. The template encourages you to create a project timeline by breaking down tasks into manageable steps. Consider available resources, prioritize tasks, and include buffer time for unforeseen delays. This timeline can be adapted to suit your project’s specific needs.



The template streamlines your usability testing process by providing checklists for pre-launch and launch day deliverables. It ensures that you’re well-prepared for each phase of testing. Additionally, it recommends conducting a post-mortem with your team to assess what went well and identify areas for improvement.

With this Notion template, your usability test planning becomes efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on gathering valuable user insights and enhancing your digital products.

Check it out here – it’s free for you to duplicate!

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